Registration – Clinics

Officials who will be working in the North Texas Region must first be registered through USAV. If you have not done so, please visit the Officials Registration page first.



Officials with more than 2 consecutive and complete seasons officiating in the NTR, regardless of your rating, and all Junior National and National officials may attend the National USAV Clinic, hosted by the NTR, on Sunday, November 4th, and may satisfy the Region requirement by attending a “brief ” NTR Clinic immediately following the National Clinic. Pre-registration for the National Clinic is $20 (on site registration is $40). In addition, there will be a clinic fee payable to NTR for the NTR Clinic in the amount of $10. All Junior National and National officials must attend a National Clinic this year, as the DCR is in the year of publication. Junior National and National officials who do not attend this National clinic must attend a NTR Clinic, at the full fee of $30, in addition to fulfilling their National Clinic attendance requirements.

Register for the National Clinic and Supplement Region Clinic HERE.



Clinics for those active for 2-4 years are open for registration through Webpoint.  The clinic fee is $30 and will be paid through Webpoint. Clinic fees cover the cost of the referee and scorer clinic. Officials are encouraged to sign up for the National Clinic on November 4th.



For those needing to attend an NTR 101 Clinic (intended for new officials and officials with fewer than two complete and consecutive seasons officiating in the NTR), please click review the dates below and email Linda Harris to sign up. The clinic fee is $30, which covers both your referee and scorer clinic.

2012-2013 Clinic information will be announced soon


For scorer information and clinics for uniformed referees, please visit the Officials Scorer home page.

Greg Krueger – Officials Chair
Linda Harris – Scheduling Coordinator